Bottle cap art- snail

crafts-kids-recycle-bottle-caps-michelle-stitzlein — We have made some small projects and now we are saving our lids to get enough to make a yard sculpture —

Sea shell snails.  1. glue the bottom of your seashell to your smooth bottomed stone. This will give it something to stabilize it.  2. glue a small pom pom on the stone coming in close contact with the shell  3. cut a piece of pipe cleaner to the desired length, bend it in a 'U' shape, put some glue on it and slip it between the shell and pom pom. Allow to dry.  4. glue some googly eyes to each antennae

Beach crafts - sea shell snails - she used pipe cleaners, pompoms, and a glue gun but I'm thinking about letting the kids use play dough to make the characters.