for the garage

Garage organization--use bungee cords to store balls. store balls in garage .

Love the look of different cacti in the same color, but different-sized clay pots.

30 ideas para decorar con cactus y terrarios

Spiegeltje van melkbiscuit als kindertraktatie Benodigdheden: Melkbiscuit Lange vingers Marsepein versiersel Om te bevestigen poedersuiker met een paar druppels water

* Girls Treat for Birthday Party / MilkBiscuit Mirror. You Need: Milkbiscuit, Long Vinger Cookies, Marzipan Decoration.

My Style: Non-Profit Pro Cassidy Karakorn Shows Off Her Chic Digs #Refinery29

Cassidy Karakorn - Interview And Pictures 2013

leuk idee voor uitnodiging

to hide in a treat bag meaning they won a bigger prize- gift card- part of a group trip to someplace fun, etc

Vensterbank idee

Explore the raw beauty of wabi sabi philosophy, celebrating aged wood grain in decor. See Wabi Sabi examples that you can translate into your interior design.