Fun Valentine's crayons...found on "Blog con Queso" who credits "A Sprinkler of This and a Dash of That" with the original idea.

Great valentines craft/gift idea: crayon hearts- I'm thinking a great idea for all the broken crayons we have

4th grade...variation of a Jim Dine lesson would work well with color schemes Happy Hearts by Jenny Murphy Designs

Happy Hearts

could so use this artists work as a starting point for a art lesson! mosaic pop art heart canvas for valentines from pen and ink cool quick to make gift for beginners


Maybe a class project for Valentine's Day? Teacher could trace arm/hand for trunk and each child can find red/pink in magazine, trace a heart and cut out. Tree of Hearts collage made of old magazines. Trace hand and arm for the stem.

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Groep2

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