Penny Loafers.

penny loafers In high school I put a dime in mine . enough to call home twice (pay phones were a dime a call)


- Vintage Christmas Ornaments SHINY BRITE BOX I am sooo fortunate to own tons of these, as handed down to me. Great childhood memories in each one.

Oude Aardrijkskundekaart.

Temporary map solution - can be rotated with other kinds of representational graphics. Dinosaur - wishfully thinking they'll grow interest of them too like I did.

Dia Projector.

The dreaded family vacation slide show! Oh Dad would show them right on the living room wall.

Koffie zetten.

I have something similar in a Harris (coffee mug topper)that has its own strainer in built! Handy when going on a visit to non Coffee drinking friends


Christmas Scenes and colourful Christmas tree baubles made of glass. * For free Christmas toys Arielle Gabriels The International Society of Paper Dolls also free China and Japan toys The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel *

Pipo de Clown.

10 of the Best Warm Ups For Clowns


I still have this same doll from Germany that belonged to my mother who is in her now - doll photo is from Museum Rotterdam