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Elske: clean house * The " sorry you missed it " sayings always crack me up.

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sinterklaas up shoes eating chocolate letters Sinterklaas songs to sing December fifth gifts evening and helpers see there is the steamboat gingerbread and marzipan

Sorry about the mess, but we live here

Онтепесные шрифты, цитата - Haha moet ik mss maar eens aan mn voordeur hangen zo weten de mensen in welke bende ze binnenkomen

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You are my superhero, you have been through so much and you've come out fighting on the other side. You are brave, caring, gorgeous & inspirational. I love you to the moon & back xxxxx

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These two old ladies are haveing a scrap lol xxx sat eating my lunch and there haveing a right ding dong lol xx this is so funny there about sixty xx