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a ballerina is suspended in the air by a chandelier
Insane Underwater Movie Sets (10 photos)
In one of the most elaborate sets in the world, British film production company Pinewood Studio captures breathtaking shots in a tank filled with 1.2 million liters (317,000 gallons) of water. The underwater stage, which opened in 2005, has been used for a huge number of TV commercials, music videos and films, including The Bourne Ultimatum, Atonement, Elizabeth and Casino Royale.
a woman holding up a painting with her eyes wide open
Reconstructive Surgery // Melting by Demachic on DeviantArt
seriously sooo coooll! -- for more women art, visit board http://www.pinterest.com/davidos193/retro-comic-girls/
graffiti on the side of a building that says revolution written in red and black ink
Revolutionise fashion, for we love the world! #fashiontakesaction
a woman is walking up the stairs to an old piano
Piano Stair, Valparaíso, Chile CITATION: Im gonna use stair case similar to this and have a piano going up the stairs.
the silhouettes of people standing in front of barcodes with numbers on them
Código de barra by Amjad Rasmi
a man holding an umbrella next to a painting of a person with a suit case
a person walking past a wall with a snoopy thought bubble painted on it
Life is Tough