Magnetic Modular Shelving by Nils Holger Moorman

Magnetique: Magnetic Modular Shelving by Nils Holger Moorman

worclip: “ Magnetique by Swen Krause for Nils Holger Moormann Materials: welded waxed sheet metal, birch plywood “ A metal sheet, mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall provides an.

Claquoir en forme de main sur tige de papyrus

Clapper - Egyptian music instrument, shaped as hand on papyrus stem.New Kingdom c.Some Egyptian ivory sets (c.) are shaped like arms and hands, implying that clappers began as extensions of natural body sounds like hand clapping.

Kinetic Art. From 1500 BC! (It's a wooden cat toy from Egypt. Pull the lever and the mouth moves).

Wooden Cat toy with bronze teeth From Thebes, Egypt New Kingdom BC) Cats may have been kept as pets as early as the fourth millennium BC. Two wild species of cat lived in Egypt, the jungle.

Terminal Necklace

Discover the greatest upcycled products and post what inspires you. Terminal necklace with yellow sleeved terminal connectors (that connect wire to a circuit board), along with a bunch of steel locking washers and a