Halloween Kids Craft:

Halloween Kids Craft: Handprint Spiders in a DIY Lacing Card Web. Fine motor craft for elementary students creates a cute keepsake!

These monster pumpkins are so stinking cute!

Make Monstrously Cool Pumpkins

These make me smile! From toddlers to teens, your children will love making these fun pumpkin carving ideas for kids this Halloween season. Each pumpkin carving is fun and kid-friendly, perfect for getting the entire family in the Halloween spirit.

Ding dong the Witch is dead :D This is an awesome wreath that I know will go down a storm in the workshops.

DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

Looking for an amazing front door wreath that is DIFFERENT than all the others. This DIY Halloween Witch's Wreath is SUPER easy, SUPER colorful and WAY better than just fall leaves.

Paper plate witch craft for Kindergarten.

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Fun Art Worksheets | Fun Halloween Printable Activities and Worksheets for the Classroom

Find a wide range of free Halloween printable activities and lesson ideas. Link to fun Halloween facts, page borders, scary poems, printable decorations and coloring pages.

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Easy Halloween Crafts -- tons of craft ideas in 15 minutes or less!

Easy Halloween Crafts Day 2