Black and white pics in mason jar.. OMG!!! I love these for the table centerpieces :) @mollie wren wren Seifert

around reception area - different sized jars. laminate sepia pictures and put in mason jars of water. i want to try adding glitter to the water, maybe make a snow globe effect.

Wedding candels

Creme Burlap Wedding Mr and Mrs Mason Jar Set Burlap Wedding Decorations Mason Jar Wedding Decoration Mr and Mrs Mason Jar Drinking Glasses on Etsy, Sold. This would look so cute with lace instead of the burlap!

Zakje op pimpen.

Easy, cheap and simple DIY do it yourself fabric pin boards - fabric scraps, cork board, hot glue gun!

Organiseren van cadeaulinten

Good idea for storing ribbon. Ribbon Organizer: Perhaps it's time to graduate from the shopping-bag school of organization. Ribbons will stay untangled and ready to use in this easily made box (a shoebox will do). From Martha Stewart.

i'm going to make one of these!!!!!!!!!!!maybe then I won't have to do chors!!!!

Unusual tip jars and funny ways to leave tips. Unusual tip jars and funny ways to leave tips.