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It is very similar with korean 'Taeho Bokhee '(태호복희) picture . Alchemy Woodcut duos caputis melior quam unus est by *dashinvaine on deviantART

Symboles alchimiques : Emblèmes de Solidonius Alchimie de Nicolas Flamel (1330 ?-1418) Manuscrit à peintures, 395 pages, 23 x 20 cm BnF, Dép...

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"About 150 years later, the philosopher Plato, in his dialog Timaeus, described how the creator-god (demiurge) placed soul (psyche) at the world’s center. This "world soul" mediated between nature and.


mylittleillumination: “ Whereas the other calendars introduced here tried to cash in on their gypsy authors, this represents the attempt to attract hesitant buyers by catering to their alchemical.