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Colorful Egg Carton Butterfly Craft for Kids

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Kid's Craft: (Summer) Craft Stick Dragonflies (Instead of using all craft sticks I'll use a wooden clothes-line clip so this can be a functional item as a chip clip or add a magnet for a fridge art display clip.


8 Creative Egg Carton Crafts

Egg-streme Egg Carton Bugs: What You'll Need: 1 egg carton; pipe cleaners (black and brown); craft needle or push pin;

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B is for Bugs A bug theme completes are week of studying the letter B. We made some paper plate bugs. I got this kit to make all three bugs at the Dollar Tree. It was the perfect craft for our bug theme. ideas for pr

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bee craft - maybe with markers instead of paint for the first day of school with a note that says.I know how to BEE a friend! Or Jesus will always BEE my friend!

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List of Homemade Art Supply Recipes

Bow-Tie Noodle Butterfly Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning Make bow-tie noodle butterflies for a kids craft! Perfect for a summer art project. Want fantastic helpful hints concerning arts and crafts?

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Create a butterfly mobile: a lesson on Calder's mobiles, sculpture, symmetry, butterflies, and environmental awareness.

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Clothespin dragonfly clip to hang artwork. These would be so cute hung on the walls and then the artwork could be changed and when they are empty the dragon flies would be adorable!

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Easy Egg Carton Ladybugs These egg carton ladybugs are such a fun and easy craft for kids! And they're SO CUTE! Really want fantastic tips and hints concerning arts and crafts?