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a black and white drawing of a man's face with a smile on it
1948-(via File Photo)
a cartoon strip with peanuts saying, do you understand? don't have to tell me
Fiscal Fictions: If Lucy van Pelt Actually Became a Psychiatrist
a comic strip with an image of a boy holding a toy in front of a woman
Comics | USA TODAY
a cartoon car with a child sitting in the driver's seat and an adult looking on
Comics | USA TODAY
Nature, Daily Cartoon, Dennis The Menace, Family Circus, Funny Cartoon Pictures
Help Center - The Arizona Republic
an older man is talking to a young boy in front of a window with the words, hope you're prepared, mr wilson, let this keeps up we could be trapped together for days?
Dennis the Menace
a comic strip with children in school uniforms and one woman is talking to the other
Dennis the Menace
a cartoon depicting two children playing on the stairs with their mom, who is talking to them
Dennis the Menace
a woman combing a man's hair while sitting in a chair with a little boy
Dennis the Menace
a comic strip with two cartoon characters and one is telling the other to be married
Dennis the Menace