A delicious recipe for a scroppino, a spoom made with lime. Recipe in English  Een heerlijk recept voor een scroppino, een spoom gemaakt met limoen. Het recept is ook in het Nederlands.

This spoom recipe for a Christmas scroppino contains all that. Homemade lime sorbet flavored with vodka, prosecco and lime grind.

Flavored water and a gorgeous thing | 4Pure Nice on a hot day #drinks #cold #water #flavor #homemade #scratch #pure #4pure http://www.4pure.nl

Water met een smaakje en a gorgeous thing - by Andrea

Pomegranate, berries and orange smoothie, a fast, simple and healthy drink. Recipe in English.  Granaatappel, bessen en sinaasappel smoothie. Een snel, simpel en gezonde drank. Recept ook in het Nederlands.

For a super healthy drink that tastes AMAZING, try this fantastic pomegranate, berry, orange smoothie. It’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. Check it out!

Home made ice tea

Refreshing is the right word for this recipe for home made ice tea with orange and lemon. It contains vitamins and is a bit sour (because of the citrus)

Homemade chai tea, a warm drink. Recipe in English  Zelfgemaakte Chai thee, lekker warm. Recept in het Nederlands

Homemade chai tea - English recipe - Chai tea is popular these days. And not without reason, this tea with spices made from milk is warming and delicious. I could easily drink this all day

Picknick: vanilla lemonade | 4Pure #4pure #lemonade #recipe #homemade #vanilla #cold #picnic #beverage #drink #simple http://www.4pure.nl

Picknick: vanilla lemonade - by Andrea

Rosebud syrup, healthy with lots of vitamins

Rosebud syrup, healthy with lots of vitamins

Baileys hot chocolate, a delicious drink in winter Recipe in English  Baileys warme chocolademelk, een heerlijk drankje in de winter. Recept in het Nederlands

Baileys hot chocolate - English recipe - A delicacy, which you can certainly call this Baileys hot chocolate. Serve with whipped cream and a dash of Baileys. Enjoyment with a capital G!

Winter meringue | 4Pure by Andrea #winter #christmas #recipe #cookies #4pure

These winter meringues look beautiful and tastes delicious. By adding gingerbread or pumpkin spices it taste like a real winter cookie

Hot cocoa with vanilla and herbal liquor | 4Pure by Andrea #hot #cocoa #recipe #luxe #winter #christmas

Hot cocoa with vanilla and herbal liquor - by Andrea