Home Theater Lighting

These seats in the 4seating inventory feature lighted cup holders and ambient base lighting, for a discreet azure illumination in a darkened room. #hometheater…
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a red leather reclining chair with blue lights on it's armrests
Stanza Home Theater Seats
Movie nights are so much better when they are enjoyed in your own home theater!
two red leather recliners sitting next to each other in front of a brick wall
Home Theater Seat Lighting
Made from leather 7000, the most luxurious leather on the market. Premium look and texture 100% of the time.
a close up of the center console buttons on a car's leather seat with blue light
LED Lighted Cup Holders for Home Theater Seating
The Paladin has ambient blue led lighting for each cupholder.
an electronic device is plugged into the center console of a red leather couch
Seatcraft Apex Home Theater Seat Lighting
The craftsmanship that goes into the arm accents, from the sapphire LED glow peering from behind the panes, can be turned on or off at your command.
two red recliners sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Seatcraft Anthem Home Theater Seats
With blue LED lighting you are sure to find your seat even in the darkest of home theaters!
a living room filled with black leather furniture
Venetian Leather Home Theater Seating
The Venetian from Seatcraft Signature features lighted cup holders and ambient base lighting for a beautiful accented glow.
three recliners in a living room with blue lights on the side and black leather seats
Sienna Leather Gel Spacesaver Home Theater Seating
The Sienna is a deluxe home theater seat that offers the warm azure glow of lighting cup holders and ambient base lighting.