rip ketchup, you'll be missed :')
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Can we apreciate the way Michael looks at the ice cream because it's really funny

Saw this and couldn't not add it

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YA'LL! I just started username is woodenhippie. Be my friend! (Or however it works...I'm still figuring it out)

HE DID NOT!! Oh he did he put his sweater sleeves on his hands. MIKEY THIS IS NOT OKAY

5SOS Luke Hemmings Defends Girlfriend Arzaylea From Hateful Remarks Made By Fan #news #fashion

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This pulled up when you type in Bryana Holly and Ashton Irwin... Maybe it's bullshit. But clearly Bryana makes Ashton happy and we have to accept that.

Mama Liz wouldn't be happy, lukey pukey

This will for ever be my favourite picture of him