Look closely: students folded white paper in half, wrote their names in cursive, and cut out around their names - this formed the body. They added the head, arms,and legs then mounted their "name skeletons" on black construction paper!

Name Skeletons: fold white paper in half, write name in cursive and cut out to form skeleton's body. Mount on black construction paper and add head, arms, and legs. What a fun idea to do with kids!

good ideas for learning about the heart

Human Body: Learning About the Heart

Human Body: Learning About the Heart Evaluate students learning about blood flow away from the heart and to the heart using blue and red yarn

life-size body map on butcher paper.

Pink and Green Mama: * Life-Sized Body Map Kids Art Project- Maybe we'll do this but instead of the anatomy lesson- we'll just color in our clothes and stuff


So the reason my body turns into a raisin is because I'm really just tapping into my inner mermaid capability to grip things.

What is blood made of A hands-on science demonstration

Hands-on Science: What is blood made of

Skeleton Coloring Page

SKELETON CRAFT we used for science unit on human body/art project for Halloween party.the kids loved Graders.

Free printable eye chart for making an awesome doctor set

Snellen Eye Chart order large laminated chart with optional frame or use chart maker to check visual acuity.