simplify for grade 2

a large scale magazine collage color wheel. going through magazines and finding primary, secondary and tertiary colors.designed a color wheel on cardboard and then further separated the colors into the pure hue, tints and shades.

Water Movement Experiment - Educational Activities for Kids #education #crafts #kids

15 Fun and Educational Activities for Kids

Easy experiment shows how water moves through plants. WAY cooler than the typical white carnations or celery!


Spy Glass Color Wheel

Wow for the mini scientist. How to make your own colour spy glass out of card stock and coloured cellophane. I love this idea to teach colours. Great for light box play as well.

color wheel claymation

color wheel claymation also teaches kids about primary color mixing to make secondary colors, and complementary colors

met restjes

(image) What a great idea for the kids / grandkids! Perfect DIY project & recycle those used / broken crayon pieces, too. Would make for a great party favor, gift for Valentine's Day (or other occasions) or gift from Teacher to Students! Love it!

Kleuren mengen.

Simple idea for mixing paint colors in preschool

Lessen rondom het thema kunst, schilderen op aluminiumpapier

Painting on foil~art easel + aluminum foil + tape + dish soap + paint. (add dish soap to paint to help it stick)

Digibordles: Rijmen met kleuren.

Digibordles: Rijmen met kleuren.

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Bat Books for Kids - Fantastic Fun & Learning