Kim le Hare
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Earthquake-Ready Desk – An ultra-strong table in case of earthquake |

The "Earthquake-Ready Desk" is a ultra-strong table designed specifically for earthquakes in order to become a shelter. Most children from risk areas learn to

BLUSH – Radiator, Design and thermochromic paint |

Color-Changing Radiator Turns Red When It Heats Up [Pics] - PSFK Thermochromatic Paint, human capillary inspired design.

LEGO Calendar and tangible interface – A LEGO calendar that syncs to Google Calendar! |

The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that is made entirely of Lego. It allows you take a photo with a smartphone to synchronise all of the events and timings to an online, digital calendar.

Points – The future of urban directional sign? |

"Points" is a project of futuristic urban signage, which looks like a modern version of the traditional signpost. With a dynamic, rotating LED display, but also