stanley brouwn, "this way brouwn" (1961)

Stanley Brown, A conceptual work in which the artist had a person draw a map leading to the Dam Platz in Amsterdam, 1964 Stamped in blue ink LR “THIS WAY BROUWN” The work is to be displayed in an artist specified vitrine.

Stanley Brouwn, 1 m 1 step, 1987, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

Stanley Brouwn, 1 m 1 step, Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

Stanley Brouwn, 1935-2017. For his 1960s series “This Way Brouwn,” the artist would approach passersby and ask them to draw directions to a particular place on a piece of paper. He would then print on each drawing with a stamp that said “This way Brouwn.” Blank pages on which someone hadn’t drawn anything, because they didn’t know how to give the directions, were also considered works by the artist.

The Dutch paper de Volkskrant reports that the Conceptual artist Stanley Brouwn has died.