Altijd op de schommels, ook staand!

This was so much fun, standing on the swings and going as high as we could. We thought we could reach the sky or at least the high tree branch in our backyard.


I remember this. You had to chew until you thought your jaws would break. Then spend the rest of the time trying to blow the biggest bubble. And came with a comic strip.

Klackers. Klik-Klaks.

klick-klackers loved these as a kid, just don't hit yourself with one of these.

The Monkees - The Monkees

RIP Davy Jones- Hey, hey we're the monkees! And we love to monkey around.

De fietsklepper!!

Using clothespins to hold a piece of plastic on your bike to make a clicking noise when you were riding.

Heb ik ook veel gemaakt ,met kleurtjes of namen van jongens waar je verliefd op zou worden

MASH - everyone always wanted to live in a mansion, have 2 kids and drive a corvette.I remember doing this!