Astrid Arduin

Astrid Arduin
Rotterdam / Mom of teenager Teacher Business & Lifestyle Coach Empowering ambitious women Loves books, basketball & our dog Kobe
Astrid Arduin
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This natural mineral sunscreen contains key ingredients, including aloe vera, watermelon extract and plant extracts, to help battle against oxidative processes, improve skin's tone and texture and provide ultimate moisture.

Moisturise your skin with our Protecting Day Lotion. This soft cream contains over twenty skin-conditioning ingredients and protects your skin from harmful UV rays due to its broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF

** Handbag Essentials ** Forever Hand Sanitizer, Aloe Lips. So simple, yet so useful! Both these products are wonderful. Contact me to find out more.  #ForeverLiving #Christmas #AloeVera #Gifts

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Need inspiration for Christmas? Plenty of gift ideas for the whole family (yes, even your pets too!) Have you any Aloe-Christmas inspired decorations? #foreverforward #christmas #foreverliving

Aloe Gels Aloe Gels Aloe All the way! Here at the home office we saved all our Aloe Gel bottles to make a beautiful Aloe tree! Don't forget: Tonight is the LAST NIGHT to send in photos of your decorated Aloe Gel bottles to

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