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to write a novel

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story without an ending

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charecteristic archetype nine (Quiet, shy, but extroverted, who? Likes something about the quiet but cant stand to be in it alone)

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characteristic archetype eight (Expensive snake son of a cunt, thinks he's all that, narcissistic)

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characteristic archetype seven (bromance himbo who just needs love and maybe hobby)

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characteristic archetype six (‘Extroverted’ guitarist, thinks playing the guitar = personality trait, crippling anxiety, Shamelessly hits on everyone, might be a virgin or aro/ace)

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Relationship type one (Angry introvert and angry introver together are not angry, only when alone, only for you)

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characteristic archetype five (The Plant friend Tm. Introverted and proud, who has a personal library and doesn't let anyone in except that person.. not me)

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character archetype four (Starts out cute innocent and naive, gets their fucking life ruined and becomes totally different)

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characteristic archetype three (Mild god complex with legit reasoning, Beautifully crazy, lonely due to self isolation)

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Characteristic archetype two (Bastard son of god, sarcastic tired but talented nonetheless)

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characteristic archetype one (cutie who would kill you, jaded humor and late night music)

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character notes

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how to

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good words

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