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A board dedicated to Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of King Henry VIII (Jan 6th 1540-July 9th 1540).

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Anne of Cleves was actually quite a catch...

Anne of Cleves (fourth wife of Henry VIII) by Kristina Gehrmann on deviantART History Of England, Uk History, Tudor History, British History, Asian History, History Facts, Ana De Cleves, Anne Of Cleves, Anne Boleyn

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John III, Duke of Cleves, Father of Anne of Cleves Known as John…

John III, Duke of Cleves, Father of Anne of Cleves (1491-1543). Known as John the Peaceful for his attitude of striving for a middle ground between the two stridently competing faiths during the Protestant Reformation. His Court was Catholic, but anti-papal, and was influenced by Erasmus, w/ whom he consulted personally. He was very wealthy, w/ strategically placed territories on the Rhine, which would have appealed to Thomas Cromwell when he negotiated Anne's marriage contract for Henry…

Reinette: German Style from - Archduchess Maria of Austria, Duchess of Jülich - Cleve - Berg by Hans Besser,c. Renaissance Hat, Renaissance Portraits, Medieval Hats, Renaissance Clothing, European History, Women In History, Austria, Fernando Iii, German Style

This portrait is not of of "Maria von Hapsburg, daughter of Ferdinand III" but Maria von Hapsburg, daughter of Ferdinand I. This Maria married the Duke of Julich-Cleaves-Berg, brother of Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's 4th queen. She lived from 1531 to 1581, and the clothing style of the sitter is more appropriate for that era than for the Maria daughter of Ferdinand III--she lived almost exactly a century later.

Netherlandish School — Portrait of Mary Duchess of Burgundy and Archduchess of Austria : Stoneacre, Otham, Maidstone, Kent. Ana De Cleves, Anne Of Cleves, European History, Women In History, Art History, Medieval Fashion, Medieval Art, Medieval Castle, 15th Century Clothing

Mary of Burgundy and Archduchess of Austria (1457-1482), cousin of John II, Duke of Cleves, who was the grandfather of Anne of Cleves. John II had been educated in the Burgundian Court along with Mary, the heiress of Charles the Bold. John II and John III had close family ties with the Court of Burgundy and it was though their territories that French culture spread to Germany.

This is true, I need to be more careful to read the descriptions xxx

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Charles of Orleans (Valois) & Marie of Cleves, his third consort, and mother of Louis XII of France,Mary Tudor's short-lived husband. Medieval Tapestry, Medieval Art, Renaissance Art, Medieval Costume, Charles Viii, Roi Charles, Henry Viii, Louis Xii, Eleanor Of Aquitaine

Depicted: Charles of Orleans & Marie of Cleves. - Marie was the sister of the grandfather of Anne of Cleves, John II. Marie was the mother of King Louis XII of France, who was the elderly husband of Henry VIII's sister, Mary, for a brief period. Marie was the last child of Adolf I, Duke of Cleves and Maria of Burgundy. Anne of Cleves, 4th wife of Henry VIII, had an impressive lineage, and could trace her ancestry back through the Cleves line to Edward I of England.

Hever Castle, Kent Childhood home of Henry VIII's second wife, Anne Boleyn. One of the most beautiful castles I have ever seen! And the gardens are to die for! Anne Boleyn, Anne Of Cleves, Mary Boleyn, English Castles, Famous Castles, Fairytale Castle, Beautiful Castles, Tudor History, East Sussex

The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - By Tales Of Curiosity

This video travels back in time to the Tudor's and meet Henry VIII. Married six times we find out why, meet each of his wives and learn of their fate.

Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden — Portrait of Jean de Belliqueux, first Duke of : The Louvre, Paris. Wives Of Henry Viii, King Henry Viii, European History, British History, Tudor History, Mark Rothko, Mary Tudor, Anne Of Cleves, Plantagenet

Portrait of John I of Cleves- Marck (1419-1481), paternal Great-Grandfather of Anne of Cleves. His sister was Marie of Cleves, who was the mother of Louis XII, King of France, the elderly husband of Mary Tudor, sister of Henry VIII, from 1514-1515. John I married Elizabeth of Nevers, daughter of the Count of Nevers. They have six children, among whom were John II, Duke of Cleves; Philip of Cleves, Bishop of Amiens, Nevers & Autun; & Engelbert Count of Nevers. Portrait by Rogier Van der…

Datering: ca. 1545 Titel: Archduchess Anna, Daughter of Ferdinand I Maler: Jakob Seisenegger Sted: Austria, Kunsthistorisches Museum Mode Renaissance, Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Clothing, 1500s Fashion, 16th Century Clothing, 16th Century Fashion, 17th Century, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing

The Tudor Era

This tumblr is dedicated to The Tudor era, between 1485 and 1603. The House of Tudor began when...

Jeanne d'Albret Queen of Navarre. Daughter of Henry II, King of Navarre and Margaret of Angouleme. Mother to Henry IV, King of France and Catherine, Hereditary Princess of Lorraine Mode Renaissance, Costume Renaissance, Renaissance Hairstyles, Renaissance Portraits, Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Clothing, Italian Renaissance, 1500s Fashion, Tudor Fashion

Jeanne III, Queen of Navarre was the first wife of William, Duke of Cleve-Julich-Berg, the brother of Anne of Cleves. They were married from 1541-1545. They were divorced on the grounds that the marriage was never consumated. Her second husband was Antoine, King of Navarre. They have 5 children, 2 who reached adulthood. Jeanne embraced Calvinism after her second marriage, although she and her husband had been Catholic. Their son Henry becomes the founder of the Bourbon line of kings in…

John II "The Babymaker", Duke of Cleves, Count of Mark, (German: "der Kindermacher") Wives Of Henry Viii, King Henry Viii, Anne Of Cleves, Anne Boleyn, Father John, Plantagenet, Renaissance, Tudor History, Royals

Portrait of John II, Duke of Cleves, Count of Marck (1481-1521). John II was the grandfather of Anne of Cleves, 4th wife of Henry VIII. His Father was John I, Duke of Cleves-Marck, and his mother was Elizabeth of Nevers. John II was educated in the Burgundian Court of Philip the Bold. John II married Mathilde of Hesse.