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Inspiration ★ Tricolor Cockade: usually pinned to the hat or sometimes the jacket; had to be worn to show support for the revolution or would be killed French History, Art History, European History, Bastille Day, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Marie Antoinette, Fashion History, 18th Century


British Cockades The cockade of Great Britain has been the Hanovarian black since the reign of the first King George. "In the Georgian days, when the troops wore the old three-cornered hats, these required, for the purpose of aiming along the musket, that the left side should be looped up, and this was done by a brooch. Anyone who has ever looked at a soldier's uniform knows how every opportunity is taken of using the Royal Crown and cypher and badges, and the brooch at the side was no…

Costumes militaires français, 1856-1860 Vivandières Military Women, Military History, Medieval Clothing, Historical Clothing, Daughter Of The Regiment, Baby Singing, Bathing Costumes, War Photography, Female Soldier

[Costumes militaires français, 1856-1860 : Trompettes, musiciens, vivandières.]

Costumes militaires français, 1856-1860 Vivandières

La Révolution Française: An Introduction to The French Revolution French History, European History, History Class, World History, Art History, Guillotine Execution, Ludwig Xiv, French Royalty, Mystery Of History

La Révolution Française: An Introduction to The French Revolution

The French Revolution was a monumental moment in history. You are a French peasant, relying on your harvest to survive. The harvest has failed for the ...

The French Revolution was one of the most brutal, bloody times in history. Revolution Clothing, Revolution Costumes, Marie Antoinette, Caricature, Sans Culottes, Empire, Rococo Fashion, 18th Century Costume, French History

Titillating Tidbits About 18th Century France

A Republican Beau - French Revolutionary Fashion Plate (Note the man hanging from the gallows in the background)

New York Volunteer Infantry in Saunders Field -Civil War Art by Don Troiani- Military Art, Military History, Military Diorama, Military Uniforms, American Civil War, American History, Battle Of The Wilderness, Civil War Art, Civil War Photos

U.S Civil War by Don Troiani

Don Troiani (né à New York le 16 juin 1949) est un peintre d'histoire et de batailles et un illustrateur américain. ...

Zenith of French Glory: The Pinnacle of Liberty. Religion, Justice, Loyalty & all the Bugbears of Unenlightend Minds, Farewell! A satire of the radicalism of the French Revolution. A picture by James Gillray. James Gillray, Liberty, National Portrait Gallery, French Revolution, British Museum, Ancient Art, Hand Coloring, Printmaking, Artists

print; satirical print | British Museum

On the level of the eye, but high above a square in which the guillotine is at work, bodies dangle from lamp-brackets projecting from the wall of a high building on the right. A bishop in his robes and two monks, their hands tied, hang close together from the horizontal bar. On the lantern sits a ragged, bare-legged sansculotte playing a fiddle, looking down with smiling triumph at the crowd; he is in back view, his bony right foot planted on the head of the dead bishop. On his cap are the…

Louis XVI, the last king of France in the line of Bourbon monarchs preceding the French Revolution of The monarchy was abolished on September later Louis and his queen consort, Marie-Antoinette, were guillotined on charges of counterrevolution. Louis Xvi, Roi Louis, French Revolution History, American Revolution, French History, American History, American War, European History, British History

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Le roi de France Louis XVI guillotiné le 21 janvier 1793 pendant la

Le Triomphe de la République Allegory of the French Third Republic. Culte De Mithra, Bonnet Phrygien, Westerns, Rome Antique, Musee Carnavalet, Empire Romain, National Symbols, French History, French Revolution

Marianne, symbole de la République |

Marianne, symbole de la République |

Sans-culottes--working class people or common people of Paris. They were named this because they didn't wear culottes. Sans Culottes, How To Style Culottes, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bastille Day, Common People, Theatre Costumes, French Revolution, Period Costumes, Napoleonic Wars

Les modes au temps de la Révolution Française

Je commencerais par une phrase de Daniel Roche qui résume pas mal la situation "La Révolution a prouvé que rien n'est futile dans la mode". Cette citation extraite du catalogue d'exposition Modes et Révolutions de 1989 est assez belle pour lancer le sujet mais plutôt réductrice par rapport au foisonnement d'idées développées par l'auteur dans son article. J'aime rappeler que la mode n'est pas synonyme de "parler chiffons" mais qu'elle se rapporte aussi à des choses très sérieuses…

The People At The Tuileries 20 June 1792 Louis Xvi 1754 1793 King Of France 1774 1792 Engraved By J Smith After Raffet Canvas Art - Ken Welsh Design Pics x Louis Xvi, Roi Louis, French History, American History, Women's March On Versailles, Bonnet Phrygien, Paris In October, J Smith, French Royalty

La guerre contre l’Autriche, la fin de la monarchie (été 1791 à septembre 1792)

La guerre contre l’Autriche, la fin de la monarchie (été 1791 à septembre 1792). Louis XVI acceptant de porter le bonnet phrygien le 20 juin 1792

French Revolution: It's 1789 and Paris has had it with this royal tyranny! Bastille, Mexican American, American War, Marie Antoinette, Sans Culottes, French History, French Revolution History, French Royalty, History Images

Storming of the Bastille, 1789 (#103180)

Storming of the Bastille, 1789 by Tancredi Scarpelli