Neural Connections

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Maximize the healing potential of the brain with Neuro solutions. Is it true that ADD, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more are being successfully treated with Neurofeedback? Dr. Norman Doidge, a psychiatrist at the Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research at Columbia and the author of “The Brain That Changes Itself” (Viking, 2007), considers neurofeedback “a powerful stabilizer of the brain.”

The Brain: A User's Guide to Emotions When we experience a traumatic event like a or it can make us very emotional. This by Best Psychology Degrees shows us a quick guide to emotions and the parts of the brain responsible for it. Autogenic Training, Brain Training, Training Exercises, Brain Science, Science Education, Health Education, Life Science, Computer Science, Physical Education

The Brain: A User’s Guide To Emotions

As neuroscience researchers work to unravel the inner workings of the brain, we know more than ever before about the…

Abnormal-The Science of Mental Illness Infographic. Interesting info, we all kn… Abnormal-The Science of Mental Illness Infografik. Mental Health Issues, Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health Facts, Mental Health Nursing, Mental Health Illnesses, Public Health, Pseudo Science, Science Of Love, Mental Disorders


Apple cider vinegar contains an array of natural ingredients that can have an amazingly positive impact on our health.

The brain is definitely one of the most interesting things you can study. Psychology truly brought me to love the way people think & act. I want this to be some part of my final career. Mail Design, Brain Art, Neuroplasticity, Art Plastique, Art Therapy, Nerdy, Artsy, Mindfulness, Illustration

The REAL Neuroscience of Creativity

The latest findings from the real neuroscience of creativity suggest that the right brain/left brain distinction is not the right one when it comes to un...

Internal Monitoring System Responsible for Neural Self-Regulation: The Most Complex Machinery Neuroplasticity, Self Regulation, Brain Waves, Brain Training, Human Mind, Neurology, Anatomy And Physiology, Neurons, Science And Technology

Neuroscience's grand question: How do neurons regenerate without losing memory?

A new theoretical model to understand how cells monitor and self-regulate their properties in the face of continual turnover of cellular components has been developed by neuroscientists. How the continuous rebuilding of neurons' "parts" takes place without affecting our ability to think, remember, learn or otherwise experience the world is one of neuroscience's biggest questions.

The multi sensory nature of music training and neuroplasticity included brain changes related to perception, sensation, performance and abstract reasoning. Brain Science, Brain Gym, Music And The Brain, Contexto Social, Brain Based Learning, Traumatic Brain Injury, Positive Psychology, Brain Health, Neuroscience

Neuroplasticity Primer and Update

This neuroplasticity primer and update includes important examples of mental events changing brain circuits--thought by thought and day by day.

How Neurons Work Poster/Graphic - Illustrates the structure and function of a neuron, including how it transmits electrical and chemical signals. Main idea: the neuron is a battery. Brain Science, Life Science, Science Nature, Science Education, Health Education, Physical Education, Computer Science, Brain Anatomy, Anatomy And Physiology

How Neurons Work Poster/Graphic - Illustrates the structure and function of a neuron, including how it transmits electrical and chemical signals.

Prefrontal Cortex F Prefrontal Cortex Frontal Cortex Anterior Cingulate Cortex Insula Cortex Amygdala Hippocampus Brain Anatomy, Anatomy And Physiology, Anterior Cingulate Cortex, Brain Facts, Brain Science, Science Education, Physical Education, Science Classroom, Psicologia

Respect “Brain Fade”

See your brain as depositing layers of information. Because you place more information on top, the lower levels become older and less availa...