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Beautiful Clematis (perennial) over an arbor. Grow Clematis in full sun, but keep their roots cool. They will bloom for a nice amount of time...then you have to wait until next year to seem them again.     This is definitely gorgeous, but for a vine growing over an arbor, I would also consider roses. Some of them will re-bloom throughout the season providing longer color.

Archway with clematis climbing! Bought both the garden arch and 2 potted clematis plants to plant this weekend. In years to come it could look like this!

Leilindes in verhoogde strakke border met hortensia's (annebelle) in moderne strakke tuin

Leilindes in verhoogde strakke border met hortensia's (annebelle) in -moderne… OR we could space the trees out a bit more so we needed less!

wow- modern

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contemporary bowl water feature

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