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cute camper!

Retro wallpaper from original 1960s and 1970s designs - new from Little Greene

love the door! A pink and white canned ham trailer! Wallpaper strung as pennants — and circa 1971 “Reverie” wallpaper plastered onto the camper door, too

New a camper van. / smitten studio

Volkswagon Van :: VDUB :: VW bus :: Volkswagen Camper :: The perfect vintage travel companion for the beach, surf, camping + summer road trips :: Free your Wild :: See more van travel style & inspiration


A Girly Girls Adventures in Glamping! Why take an ugly sleeping bag when you use a quilt sheets pillows a chenille rug~dont forget the canopy for mesquitos!


Organize This: The Glam Camper!


Let's take a road trip and sleep in the car. How romantic, isn't it? Just stop where you like and no camping and feeling cold d.

Caravan PiP style - with wallpaper on outside

Who said that caravans had to be white, with some fugly stripes on it? Caravan PiP style - with wallpaper on outside. Vintage wallpaper and fabric, Caravans, motor homes and glamping.

Camping Camping Camping

Could be fun to make a tented space like this in the backyard for summer, minus the four-poster bed. :) if I only had a few acres in my backyard!

striped tent

Head turning tent is a glamping must-have . The fabulous ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ striped bell tent from The Glam Camping Company is guaranteed to be the envy of other campers this summer.

VW camping

camping, old school. Not really legal any more but we can dream. (This has always been my goal in life, living in a VW van, on a beach, learning to surf)

haba haba!!!

vintage boy scout tent on a platform - an idea for backyard playhouse or fort.