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Where to stay in Lima is likely one of the first orders of business to sort out while planning your trip to Peru. Here are some tips about hotels, locations, nearby restaurants and attractions, distance from the airport and more!

What to do in Lima Peru? We bring you insider tips and local hangouts that are sure to liven up your stay while you’re in town.

The Best Autoimmune Paleo Waffles...plantains and tigernut flour.

Every day, all day. Seriously though. I have been working on these bad boys for a very long time and the final product is amazing! No sugar added, crunchy, perfect fo…

Paleo AIP Stromboli is grain, dairy and nightshade-free but you would never know it! Can you believe it's made with sweet potato?!

White sweet potato Can you believe these grain-free, dairy-free AIP-friendly & Paleo Stromboli actually have the taste & feel of a gooey, cheesy pizza pocket?


g the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol diet involves increasing your intake of nutrient-dense, health-promoting foods while avoiding foods that may be triggers for your disease.

fruit (keeping fructose intake between 10g and 20 g daily)

Autoimmune disease is an epidemic in our society, affecting an estimated 50 million Americans. Learn how an autoimmune protocol can help your health.

Parsnip-Apple Soup

Apple-Parsnip Soup - Still tasty without bone broth if you don't have any. I used water instead.