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Plant these to save bees

hannah-rosengren: “ Plant These To Help Save Bees: 21 Bee-Friendly Plants. Learn more here! by Hannah Rosengren, ”

Home on Pemaquid Pond by Briburn

Home on Pemaquid Pond by Briburn - Warm sustainable home using many natural materials expressed in modern ways located in Bremen, Maine.

bird carvings - Craig Hone

Bird carvings by Craig Hone, Perfect animals carved in walnut - The Hidden Charm Of Life

To preserve the planet we need to save energy, and save money. Look at this website for the perfect solution - http://greenenergy-6p3qdhcw.yourreputablereviews.com

To preserve the planet we need to save energy, and save money. This website gives various solutions to being more aware in daily life in simple, wasy-to do ways that help our planet.

Solar panel roofing tiles

Solé Power Tiles: Curved Solar Shingles Make Installation Easy

No more big boxes on your roof. Go green Mediterranean-style. Solé Power Tiles allow homeowners to make eco-friendly choices without sacrificing style. Created by SRS Energy, these tiles feature flexible solar panels.


Sun Roof: Solar Panel Shingles Come Down in Price, Gain in Popularity ~~ Photovoltaic roof shingles, which are tax-subsidized and easier to install than bolt-on panels, have become a viable option for homeowners looking to lower their electric bills

Sexy Solar Panel Roof Tiles | Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Solar shingles are a variation of solar panels in the form of tiles or shingles. These solar panels resemble roofing tiles in size and texture and can be used for a more aesthetically pleasing solar array.

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