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Not To Mention Adorable!

Stupid feels.

I though this was an important scene because there is still a little bit of him that the serum could not overtake. He still has to look away before he shoot as we previously saw in one of his fears and that shows that he can still overcome the serum.

Today Is fourtris day

Today I finished Allegiant. My heart is in shreds but I'm not angry at Veronica Roth for ending this series on a sad note. Not every story ends happily.

Tie & Dye Shoes by craftbyphoto #DIY #Does #Dip_Dye

Create your own dip dyed shoes. You don't have to particularly use yellow dip-dye. I've tried this myself, and I dip-dyed my shoes blue and green instead. It really works! Make sure you have white shoes only, or else it won't work.