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Sambal, martabak, rendang: If you can read this list without drooling you're doing better than us Bali Travel Poster for Bali

Ubud is tourist day trip magnet, the home to thousands of expats and a raw food lover’s paradise. On our previous trips to Bali (we’ve been 9 times) we use to visit to Ubud for a day, but this time we decided to base ourselves here for about 1.5 months. Find out where we stayed and what we ate, plus plenty more handy tips for your next holiday in Ubud.

Bali Travel Guide and Tips

13 tips for travelling to Bali if you're a newbie

The Gili Islands are the perfect place to see turtles. We did a snorkelling tour around the Gili Islands. It was absolutely amazing.

10 Hidden Beaches in Bali #bali #indonesia #beach

Bali Offerings - Holla.. Color!

A group of traditional balinesse woman lifted the bundle of fruits in their head up (indeed one of them brings a child also). It called 'sesajen' to celebrate one of hinduism traditional ritual in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia pretty eyes ❀ Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat ❀ ❀