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Advertisement Figure Flipje from Tiel Holland, representing Jams and fruit sauces.


how I remember doing this for the longest time. We'd be weaving colorful and shiny strips of paper into a small "rug" or a small place-mat.

Yes indeed!

So true. i dont ever remember having bottled water only the water hose, lol

Friese doorlopers. Mijn broer en ik hadden een paar.

The Dutch not only have their wooden shoes, they also have their wooden ice skates! Very old time this one, won't see these any

Lijkt op onze oude gaskachel van vroeger

Lijkt op onze oude gaskachel van vroeger

Formica tafel en stoelen Retro kitchen Retro table and chairs formica Dutch Fondue Oranje Brabantia

Kerstboomkaarsjes in doos

Kerstboomkaarsjes in doos

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