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true story.  This would be great for a parent to do for their kid and have the words overlaying images of milestones in their lives, showcasing all they've done because they believed in themselves

Quote on Canvas: "She Believed She Could So She Did" Quote Art / Prints on Canvas

Inspirational Quote Wall Art: "She Believed She Could So She Did" Canvas Art Print - feather, typography, book pages - graduation present!


Item RELIGION RESEARCH! It's always interesting to study the parallels between different religions. After all, it was always easier to make people convert to your religion if the lines between were slightly blurred.


Someone from None posted a whisper, which reads "It's okay to be an atheist It's okay to be Christian It's okay to be Jewish It's okay to be x, y, or z. It's not okay to shame other people for their beliefs.


Quotes and other stuff about atheism. Free drinks to the person that can prove God exists!

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