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Umm why does she need galleons in heaven? Yes Kate, this was one of the few descriptions i wrote myself.<<<the marauders are dead too so the real question is why do any of them need galleons if they're dead

the marauders - remus lupin and sirius black

the marauders - remus lupin and sirius black<<< and clinging to the bedsheets when serius goes to azkaban<<UNNECESSARY

James pulled him from his thoughts then “It came last night but we were busy today and you didn’t come for dinner and I nearly forgot it was on your bed this morning and-” Sirius launched himself at the taller boy, knocking both of them off the bed into a bear hug on the floor. Shortly after Sirius jumped up and ran for the parchment roll. James watched with a huge smile as Sirius quickly wrote a reply to his mom and took off for the owlery.

This is going to make me a restaurant


In a side note, without Voldemort Hermione wouldn't have been friends with Harry and Ron like they actually were since the troll was let in by the snake-man<<<<<<true and also Harry wouldn't haven met the Weasleys cuz he wouldn't be alone at the station

James and Lily part 1

these PEOPLE are legit the best writers ever someone needs to find all of them, make a get-together and write a few books on james and lilys life like seriously

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yiss

James- That's right! I got my first kiss today *Half smirk half grin* Pity all you missed it *Sirius and Remus grinning in the back* McGonagall looking murderous* "Lily- JAMES!