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Queen of Havoc " x 28 " © This beautiful print features a new character from “The Zarryiostrom”, the evil Dragon Witch Myerasalome. Though Myerasalome’s ultimate goal is obscured, she is the mortal enemy of both Astranaithes, the Queen of .

Sunkissed by *AlectorFencer on deviantART

The White Wolf that brings Ani back from the Web Between Worlds has his own secrets to tell. (Book One: Destiny's Call) ℰ. ✦✥✦ Art credit: Sunkissed by *AlectorFencer on deviantART/// natural raw beauty*** (honoring power animals as shamanic helpers)

Photo by Maxime Riendeau an amazin wolf on attack!! Such and amazing picture

Photo by Maxime Riendeau an amazing wolf on attack! Such an amazing picture~~~Would not want her snarling at me like this, but this is a beautiful wolf! And she's not "on attack"! She's giving a warning!


A King’s encounter with a mystical white stag in an Edinburgh forest 900 years ago has left a rich legend and legacy that still endures today.