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Arthur Rackham - this fairytale was a rather horrid one - a true old-fashioned, that is :-D - the princess was put in a tower with her maid, no doors or windows, and they started digging their way out with a table knife. When they finally got out, they saw that a war had ravished the country and everything has changed, no-one remembered even the girls...

Arthur Rackham - Illustration from Maid Maleen; Rackham is surely the first name thought of when you think of fairy tale illustration. Timeless - they look as though they could be the work of someone today.

Fernand Khnopff, Istar, 1888.

drakontomalloi: “ Fernand Khnopff (with Joséphin Péladan) - Ishtar. A study for the frontispiece of the book by Péladan.