Detailed: How to make a Jagua temporary tattoo

With this board we'd like to take you through the entire process of creating the perfect Jagua Henna tattoo. If you would like it more visually; you can find a instruction video on and on our youtube account.
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STEP 14: Gently cover the moist skin with your transfer paper cut-out. If you've applied enough disinfectant, you can see the purple lines clearly emerging through the paper. If not, apply some more disinfectant on the paper with your fingertip. Again, carefully remove the paper to avoid smudging the design.

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STEP 10: Secure your cut-out to the stencil paper (yellow page) using cello tape. This way, you're avoiding that the image won't move while tracing. Simply trace the contours of your tattoo with a regular pen. Make sure that you apply enough pressure for making the perfect copy.

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STEP 3: So now you've downloaded your design you can simply use Microsoft Word for further preparation. Open Word - Click 'Insert' - 'Picture' - Browse to the destination where you've downloaded the design - Select image. Want to avoid all the fuss and skip step # 4-7? Simply go to our website ( and upload your image + sizes and receive your ready-to-go stencil paper.

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STEP 19: When you remove the Jagua tattoo gel you will see a light gray version of what you've probably expected. Don't worry! The tattoo will gradually become darker and darker. Within 24 hours your tattoo will have reached its full colour. The Jagua Henna tattoo will start fading after approximately one week when not maintained. Simply avoid friction and apply petroleum jelly if you want to enjoy it for up to two weeks.

STEP 17: Trace the design with Jagua tattoo gel by gently squeezing the bottle. Avoid any air bubbles and make sure that the gel is evenly distributed on the skin.

STEP 16: Screw the luer lock needle on the luer lock bottle cap for a perfect fit. Simply screw this on the bottle and you're ready to make your temporary tattoo!

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STEP 15: Let the trace dry properly until it isn't sticky anymore. This trace is very resistent and won't stain so you don't have to be careful with this trace. Now you're ready for tracing with JaguaHenna temporary tattoo gel.

STEP 7: You can now print your design after it is successfully cropped, resized and mirrored. Go to 'File' - 'Print' - 'Print'. When everything went well, you have your mirrored design in the right size. Congratz, now it's time to get of the computer and start preparing your actual tattoo.--> Want to avoid all these steps? Simply go to our website ( and upload your image + sizes and receive your ready-to-go stencil paper.

STEP 8: So now you've printed the mirrored design in the right size. Collect all required items from the temporary tattoo starterskit so you're fully prepared for the next steps. We would suggest using some q-tips and/or toilet paper for correct any tattoo mistakes.--> Want to avoid all the fuss and receive your designs with your starterskit? Simply go to our website ( and upload your image + sizes and receive your ready-to-go stencil paper.

STEP 9: Cut out your design and place it on the intended area of skin. Check whether it's the right size and that you're happy with the design. Yes, it is mirrored but please don't worry. When you're going to transfer the image on the skin, it will show up just the same as you've originally intended.

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