waterverf en krant

Art Projects for Kids: Student Art from Georgia Collage/book pages/watercolors

Sweet houses cling set

Sweet houses cling set -- idea for applique

Cut-out City  Barbara Gilhooly (c) 2012     acrylic, wood

Cut-out City Barbara Gilhooly (c) 2012 acrylic, wood. Compean Searles want to make these for J & A?

Collaging newspaper buildings onto a sky blue background, then layers of tinted acrylic paints to make city skylines. Collaborative art project

Newspaper sky lines. great art idea for kids. Studio Kids - A Place for Kids and Art in Ballard, Seattle: Kids Art Auction Projects


DIY Houses: Upcycled milkcartons - looks simple

painted popsicle sticks

painted popsicle houses to go with our study of The Heidelberg Project.

schrijfpatroon voor kleuters, thema huizen, free printable

Little fairy tale cottage paper house pattern

huisjes met pieten op het dak!

Accordian fold village- adapt to bible story towns

winterhuizen gemaakt met groep 3/4

town in winter shapes

Huisjes van suikerklontjes

Huisjes van suikerklontjes

Veilig leren lezen - kern 4: weg en huis Rizzi City  Art With Mr. E:

James Rizzi Lesson idea: individually create a building, but have to collaborate to brainstorm what is needed to make a city function and create those additional elements to incorporate into an installation could be or

Teken 5 lijnen horizontaal en 5 lijnen verticaal (met potlood). Kleur deze vakken in. Teken nu met zwarte stift een rij huizen, gebruik makend van de gekleurde vlakken!

Ton Schulten inspired City by Paintbrush Rocket



Huisjes van melkpakken en tuintjes met tuinkers!

I think this must mean something like "make some little houses with little gardens." We could use recyclables and sprouts seeds.

gorgeous cityscape!!

gorgeous cityscape~ could do with Kandinsky

Veilig Leren Lezen - kern 4: weg

Veilig Leren Lezen - kern 4: weg