Wat is ADHD? (symptomen, sterke kanten)

Explaining ADHD

An Inside Look at ADHD Infographic. Children with type 2 ADHD often exhibit a number of strengths, including an eagerness to try new things and a hard working spirit. Take a look at this Philadelphia children’s behavior info graphic .

ADHD Tips in de klas

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ADHD isn't an excuse, it's an explanation

21 Things People With ADHD Want You To Know

“It’s not a disorder of not knowing what to do, it is a disorder of not doing what you know.” BY Caroline Kee First of all, ADHD is a legitimate neurobehavioral disorder — it’s not just feeling …

Kinderen met ADHD hebben een serieus probleem. Al hun leraren zijn saai.

Children with ADHD have a real problem, all there teachers are boring.

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Pluspunten Adhd

Pluspunten Adhd