I remember my grandmother always had on an apron! (this is a fantastic photograph) Wearing an apron to protect your limited wardrobe. Apron's had multi-purposes.I too remember by Grandmama always wearing an apron.

Melk koken voor de "koffie". En ja, soms kookte ze over!

Chef Chef, ya le lait qui se sauve, qu'est ce que je fais ?


one dutch gulden(dutch dollar before euro), still loved by the dutch people

De grauwheid en ellende van de hongerwinter van 1944-1945 Koude en voedselgebrek waren de grootste kwellingen. Daar konden het noodkacheltje en de suikerbieten weinig aan veranderen

1944 - During the hunger winter cold and starvation were the largest torments. More than people lost their lives in Amsterdam and the western part of the Netherland during the winter of

Bedstee met boven voeteneind plaats voor de baby.

Antique built-in bed with a crib attached to the wall, for the baby. If the doors were closed, warmth would stay inside.