Pool Garden

Extraordinary Outdoor Deck Design With White Bed Pillow Trees Pond Candle Hardwood Floor And Garden Decor

Love the pergola over the deck for shadeand extra gardening space!! - Outdoor Stairs in Park Slope Garden by Kim Hoyt Architect, Gardenista

The Garden Designer Is In: Kim Hoyt Architecture/Landscape

Love the pergola over the deck for shade and extra gardening space! - Outdoor Stairs in Park Slope Garden by Kim Hoyt Architect, Gardenista

Outdoor standalone bathtub

Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort and Spa Tropical...

mosaic pathway

Here's a little loving advice for couples tackling home and garden projects - The Pecks

Beautiful detail here from the mosaic path, the stone lions, the ironwork gate, towards the arch and onwards to the garden!

Willow bench - CountryLiving.com

7 Features Every Country Garden Needs

If you had to describe my garden, it's not so much about parterres and sweeping vistas as it is about intimate spaces, small rooms—gardens within gardens. We invited Gilles Guillot, the head gardener of the Prieuré Notre-Dame d'Orsan in Maisonnais, France

nice keyhole hugelkultur bed. I also like the use of log cuttings along the path.

This is a nice keyhole hugelkultur bed, and I just only found it today. It is significantly smaller that the mound I ended up building. It is still a neat pic.

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Jardin de Marqueyssac - amazing to think i spent time living 15 minutes away…

I love how its inviting yet mysterious. Makes you want to know what the house beyond will look like.... ;)

love this garden wall and door in general, not for a secret garden. Garden door with small window to look through--to identify visitors, and entice passersby.