"The Greatest Challenge In Life Is Discovering Who You Are. The Second Greatest Challenge Is Being Happy With What You Find." The third greatest challenge is knowing where your heart is.

Poster: You Don't Have to Go Fast...

In honor of MLK day, Everyone has a dream. Those that create their dream job are ENTREPRENEURS! What are you willing to do to create your dream job?

Work until expensive becomes cheap

how can i start my business, what do i need to start my business, what do you need to do to start a business - expensive: caring for the environment and my education. cheap: plastic and the labor of undocumented immigrants or foreign workers to make it.


The Good Vibe (The Good Vibe)

this was a home run hitter this week as I made some pretty important decisions but everyone I talked to reminded me that whatever I may do I needed to make sure it would make me happy not everyone around me just simply me and I'm glad about the choice I made.

My first ever pin on quotes! I love quotes and inspiration it my life. "What Ever You Decide To Do Make Sure It Makes You Happy.

This is how I feel today. Loving life, my job, family, friends and all those special in my life.

Secret of Being Happy Quote

The Secret of being Happy Is Accepting Where You are In Life and Making the Most Out of Everyday ~ Happiness Quote

Top 12 Motivational Quotes For Young Business Entrepreneurs

Top motivational Quotes for Business Entrepreneurs