8 Great DIY Wind Chime Ideas A great idea for all the seashells I have!

Creative DIY Wind Chime Ideas

I spotted this sea shell wind chime earlier today. It reminds me of what I used to do when I was a teenager. I used to collect a lot of sea shells from the shore and make all kinds of toys. And wind chimes were my favorite. I hang them &

DE GULLE AARDE: een hartje van schelpen

Don't know whether to put this in 'hearts' or 'beachcombing' DE GULLE AARDE: een hartje van schelpen

HARTJE MET SCHELPEN in klei / brooddeeg / gips?

Unique Craft with Beach Shell Decorative Ideas

Easy seashell kids craft tutorial By Hoppin Up. this would be a great way to save the shells from the beach

schelpen in een glazen pot

Mason jars are a great way to save the seashells you find on your beach trips. You can even create a beach-themed shelf with a jar for each beach you've visited. Just make a creative label for each jar.

Beachy Shadow Box...  Google Image Result for http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PoMRCnUCEhM/S4n2hKCrRZI/AAAAAAAAAv4/FunHurMiE7M/s400/shell-shadow-box-.jpg

Which shadow box do you prefer? You can create a shadow box display with your sea treasures like Jenny from One Thing who used an old ty.