Blend chilled watermellon with coconut water, fresh lime and mint.

65 Sweet Drinks and Smoothies

Watermelon Breeze Recipe: Fresh, light Summer drink made with chilled watermelon, coconut water, fresh lime and mint over ice. Think it would make a good frozen drink. Get out those ice cube trays and your blender!

For easy pancake designs..... also for storing pancake batter so you can make only a few pancakes at a time. Brilliant!

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser. Repurpose an empty ketchup bottle into a pancake batter dispenser and pour the right amount every time! It's also less messy and it makes it easier for making smiley face pancakes for the kids!

A Tropical Dream (1 oz Malibu® mango rum  1 oz Malibu® coconut rum  1 oz 99 Bananas® banana schnapps  1 oz Stoli® Vanil vodka  2 oz orange juice  2 oz pineapple juice  1 splash grenadine.  sounds amazing!!

9 Fabulous Drink Recipes for Girls Night in ...

A purple Ravens drink! Purple Martini 3 oz Vodka 1 oz cranberry juice ½ oz blue Curacao liqueur ½ oz sweet and sour mix ½ of soda Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake gently. Add more blue Curacao if the color isn’t purple enough.

Use a cookie cutter to cut out a heart and fill with yummy frosting! Think of the possibilities...

Fill your heart with love — literally! Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart cutout on the top of a cupcake, and then fill it in with a little pink icing. Cupcakes are always sweet, but Glorious Treats' Valentine's Day cupcakes are divine.

Pina Colada Smoothie

Paula-Colada Smoothie Recipe by Paula Deen

A pina colada smoothie (don't know why people get so worked up over the name.pina=pineapple, colada=coconut Tastes great :D Fresh pineapple, coconut milk, banana, honey & ice. a healthy Hawaiian blizzard :)

Cup Cake, Cookie Monster!

This calls for some Cookie Monster cupcakes! Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies (they are the perfect size!) White Candy Melts Blue buttercream frosting in a piping bag Wilton (Butter Cream Wilton)

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