Martinitoren Groningen

Martinitoren Groningen, Netherlands Where my great-great-great grandma was born

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Grote Markt, Groningen, the Netherlands

Groningen was a destination purely for football at first, but it's actually a very nice city!

Martinitoren -Groningen

Martinitower (Groningen )year century, height 97 meter the Netherlands.

boerderij groningen

boerderij groningen

Grote Markt, Groningen.

Architect in Groningen Netherlands developer, an excellent mix of old and new.

♥ Martini kerk, Groningen

Martin's church (Groningen, The Netherlands) built in the century, which was extended in the and centuries. named after Saint Martin of Tours the patron saint of the Bishopric of Utrecht

D'oale grieze

Groningen - Martini tower in the autumn sunshine