I need artwork showing Russia in bed with bags under his eyes with the blankets pulled up next to a window with everyone outside partying cursing in russian please

Go the fuck to sleep." *barely audible groan*<<<Hetalia fans giggle wildly<<<< I think France and England are having some fun

Oh my god!! Dit is te grappig om ze in het Engels te lezen!!!!!!!!!!

33 Eye-Wateringly Funny Dutch Phrases and Idioms [Infographic]

Clearly Amsterdam has some serious balls I'd like to live in a nation with some balls. isn't it Italy? -.-

Clearly Amsterdam has some serious balls

Amsterdam is the sass capital of the world.never really wanted to move to another country, but I kind of want to live in Amsterdam with all the sass masters : )

Read the santaclaus part again please know where it came from now? Good

Gotta love the Dutch // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

voor op mijn prikboard op mijn werk... ben lekker de enige hollander :)

If You Ain't Dutch You Ain't Much // Words I heard often from my Grandpa. I miss you Bapa.