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In the image below, it covers a few points as to why switching from LGBT(QIAP+) to SAGA is a really good idea. Overall, I totally support this and I hope it catches on.

My thoughts exactly. I am a grown woman who works, if I wanted to be a babysitter I would've opened a damn daycare! I am so glad my man sees me as equal

All this is true, with the added message that boys are incapable of controlling their urges and shouldn't be expected to, while women are responsible for not being a 'distraction'. And where does this lead? To telling women to dress modest so they don't get raped, instead of telling men not to rape. So many not okays here!

DON'T send them home, but schools SHOULD have a dress code for this kinda stuff, i COMPLETELY believe that there should be a limit to what people can wear in school. For girls,and also boys.