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Gimnasio para gatos tipo casa en el arbol

Education and ICT 15 fantastic crafts to do with Felt - very sweet mice ornaments! ~M x

Bijzettafel Cross

RTL Woonmagazine afl.7 Goossens bijzettafels Cross

Giorgio the Sheep Ornament Felt

Giorgio the Sheep Christmas Ornament Felt by Martianique on Etsy, $8.00

Perdi esa.costumbre pero la retomare!!

Also Today i sorted and orginized all my incoming #letters #mails from my pen pals)) i started it only this summer ))but for this 5 months -I receive so much beautiful mails around the world))Thank you))all this letters make my days))I love to read them again and again in the evening with tea or coffee) and with all this letters-you just imagine that you in that country where this letter from))travel to all countries during reading )))#snailmail #lettering #writemoreletters #envelopes)) ✍...

I love how these pages look jam packed, I would love to make a daily planner using these ideas. Also I would use these ideas in my journal.