make a marble run from paper plates. genius!

Paper Plate Marble Track

Paper Plate Marble Coaster and 11 more cool crafts for boys. My boy AND girls would love this!

Clean vs. dirty hands bread experiment --- oh we are SO doing this!!!

Food Safety Week 2011- What goes on behind closed doors?

Possible Science Fair project! dirty hands bread experiment - what a great way to demonstrate the importance of proper hand washing. Would love to see what happens when you wash hands with warm soapy water versus hand sanitizer!

Make a Balloon Rocket Car

Make a balloon rocket car with this fun science project! Watch our video to see the balloon car in action. Make a film canister rocket with simple materials.

Magnet Discovery Bottle

Sensory bottle idea: Cut up pipe-cleaners and place them in a bottle. Use a magnet to manipulate them. Lots of other sensory bottle ideas, too.

Oil and Water Project for kids.  We did this yesterday and the kids loved it.  Click through for all the details.

Oil and Water Project.I did this the other night with my niece and we called it "ocean in a bottle." Vegetable oil and water and food coloring. Cutest thing ever. She added little jewels and fish and was so proud of her ocean bottle!

bird races

Bird Races Activity for Kids - Tip Junkie Bird Races Activity for Kids at Tip Junkie, Group Games, Art and Crafts, Science Should you love arts and crafts you really will love this cool info!

Allerlei proefjes gesorteerd op moeilijkheidsgraad, categorie en knutseltijd.

Allerlei proefjes gesorteerd op moeilijkheidsgraad, categorie en knutseltijd.

Lego Balloon Car!  Great for teaching Newton's Laws.

Balloon Car

Check out this balloon powered lego car! Looks like a fun project that could become a contest between kids to see who's balloon car will go the farthest.