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Philip Fortes

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“ A tiara once owned by Princess Marie Bonaparte, made by Cartier in 1907. The tiara is on display in “Cartier: Style and History” at the Grand Palais in Paris from December 4 through February 16, 2014. ”

Diamond And Sapphire Tiara From The Russian Crown Jewels. The tiara is better know as Empress Maria Fedorovna Sapphire Kokoshnik Tiara.

Tiara of Queen Margarita of Italy, by Mellerio dits Meller, 1870. (Private Collection, courtesy of Albion Art Institute, Japan)

Tiaras reales

House of Savoy's Tiara. This tiara was a gift from Elizabeth of Saxony to her daughter Margherita for her marriage with Prince Umberto of Savoia. The tiara could be disassembled into five brooches.

Tiara of Isteri Mariam of Brunei (ex-wife of the Sultan of Brunei).

Sapphire Kokoshnik Chaumet Tiara of Alice Bourbon Parma, Duchess of Calabria. Part of full parure.

A diamond and ruby tiara necklace combination, previously auctioned by…

Antique Shell Tiara (ca. 1880; diamonds, silver, gold).

PROPERTY OF A EUROPEAN NOBLE FAMILY: Emerald and diamond tiara, circa 1910. Of…

PROPERTY OF AN ITALIAN PRINCELY FAMILY Natural pearl and diamond tiara, late 19th century Designed as graduated foliate sprays suspending diamond and natural pearl drops, set with cushion-shaped, circular-, single- and rose diamonds and natural pearls.